Who Is Responsible For HOA Exterior Lighting?

Who is responsible for HOA exterior lighting? That’s a good question. A Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is typically created to maintain a specific community. If you’re part of an HOA, you probably have specific responsibilities. In some cases, the HOA is your partner with exterior lighting established in the development. However, the individuals in the homes are responsible for maintaining those fixtures. Georgia Lightscapes is an outdoor lighting company ready to meet all your HOA exterior lighting needs. 

What Is the Purpose of a Homeowner’s Association (HOA)?

An HOA aims to maintain common areas, invest in property improvements and amenities, and provide a comfortable living environment. An HOA is a private organization that ensures owners keep up with their property maintenance and community standards. 

What Are HOA Responsibilities?

The responsibilities of an HOA depend on its needs and membership requirements.

  • Maintain Common Areas – Common areas include pools, tennis courts, streets, roads, sidewalks, and other features that benefit every homeowner in the community. The association must also keep these areas well-maintained.
  • Investigate Complaints and Act as a Mediator – An HOA may have rules about what colors you can paint your house, how high your hedges can grow, and other aesthetic issues. If there’s a dispute between neighbors about these matters, the HOA will investigate the complaint. If it decides that one neighbor had broken the rules by painting their house red when green was required, it might find them or need them to repaint their house at their own expense. 
  • Manage Finances For the Community – The HOA manages finances for homeowners within its jurisdiction. Funds are collected from each homeowner through monthly dues payments and annual assessments to cover expenses like lawn maintenance, common area maintenance, insurance premiums, property taxes, and more. These funds are used for the general maintenance of common areas and improvements that benefit all residents in some way.
  • Approving or Changing Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions – The HOA board of directors is responsible for approving changes to covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs). These rules govern what can be done within a community, such as adding new lighting fixtures or replacing old ones.
  • Hold Meetings, Record Communications, and Organize Other Documentation – HOAs must hold regular meetings where members can learn about upcoming events in the community or discuss important issues. The board also keeps track of all communications between owners through minutes taken during each meeting. Finally, HOAs keep records about finances, such as yearly budgets and monthly financial statements, for members’ review upon request.
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Benefits of Exterior Lighting

The benefits of exterior lighting are apparent to anyone who has ever left the house after dark. It can be difficult to find your way around when there is no street or yard lighting, especially if this is the first time you have been in that location. Exterior lights can also provide a sense of security and make it easier to see potential hazards, such as holes or other objects in the road.

  • Improves Safety – Lighting can significantly improve safety, especially at night. Many HOAs have taken advantage of this fact by installing motion-sensor lights to turn on when someone walks by automatically. This is a great way to make the common areas safer without paying for additional security guards or patrol cars.
  • Property Ambiance – Good lighting can also help improve your property’s ambiance and overall look. Different types of light bulbs produce different colors, which can change the appearance of your building or yard. For example, white light makes things appear more open and spacious, while yellow light has a warm feeling that some homeowners prefer over any other color. The right bulbs can also help highlight certain features on your property, such as architectural details or landscaping elements.
  • Light Pollution vs. Ambiance – When homeowners talk about their HOA exterior lighting, they often use terms like “light pollution” and “ambiance” when describing the look they want for their property. While these two terms may sound interchangeable, they are different. Light pollution refers to unwanted light emissions that pollute the night sky. Also can disrupt natural ecosystems by interfering with wildlife migration patterns or disrupting plant growth cycles. On the other hand, ambiance refers to the mood created by strategically placed lights that create an appealing visual effect on your home’s exterior without affecting its neighbors or causing light pollution problems for wildlife.
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Who Is Responsible for HOA Exterior Lighting?

So, although there is no true answer as to who is responsible for replacing HOA exterior lighting fixtures and bulbs, the group will likely be comprised of multiple parties. The Board may choose to tackle exterior lighting replacement as a whole, or they may choose to appoint a team to handle each task. This is the beauty of a Homeowner’s Association; they offer assistance and guidance in ensuring the community is looking great! Conversely, you may be able to change your exterior lighting by simply getting approval from your HOA. 

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