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Atlanta’s premier electrical contractor and professional commercial lighting services. We work with property managers, HOAs, corporations, small businesses, retail properties, restaurants, parks, community centers, and warehouses all around Atlanta.

We are here to help with your lighting and electrical needs. We are approved vendors for many of the larger property management companies in the Atlanta area, so getting started with Georgia Lightscapes Commercial may be easier than you think!

We specialize in turnkey LED lighting conversions

What We Offer

Common Areas and Hallway Lighting

We offer LED Conversions for interior lights. Georgia Lightscapes will take care of your interior lighting needs. We offer LED conversions on the existing hallway, common area, lobby area, storage area, and all other interior lights. We also install new lights to illuminate dark and shadowy corners. New lighting adds light, color and style to interior spaces.

Security Lighting

Enhance safety and security with lighting. Bollards and wall packs are effective ways to light up shadowy and dark areas and bring added security to your facility. With LED lighting, you can have energy-efficient security lights on your properties.

Warehouse Lighting

Bright energy-efficient lighting is essential for warehouses. It provides safety for employees and ease for the many functions of a warehouse. LED lighting is the perfect solution, with energy savings, bright and clean illumination.

LED Conversions

Georgia Lightscapes specializes in turnkey LED lighting conversions for multi-family housing, commercial and industrial buildings. In other words, we will handle your LED conversion so you don’t’ have to.

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Lighting Systems

Georgia Lightscapes works with you to design an outdoor lighting system that meets your budget and needs, whether it is to illuminate your home in the evening, your outdoor living areas for nighttime enjoyment, or provide functional lighting for increased safety and security. We also offer maintenance and restoration services on our current outdoor lighting systems.

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Exit & Emergency Lights

Keep your property safe and compliant with Exit & Emergency Lights. We install new fixtures and can convert existing fixtures to money saving LED Exit & Emergency lights.

Electrical Contracting

We can install and service charging stations, troubleshoot electrical issues, help you prepare for pool inspections, and much more.

Esthetic Lighting

Entrance lighting, wall lights at the gym, corner lights, and much more. LED lighting enhances and adds nighttime beauty to your entrances, common areas, and much more.

Accent Lighting

Our LED Low Voltage brass up lights add directed illumination and chic style to your exterior spaces Finished in warm matte bronze, this bullet-shape light features a round, clear tempered glass lens.

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Parking Area Lighting

We offer energy efficient and bright parking garage lights. When creating a safe and secure parking area bright lighting is essential. Older style fixtures generate lots of heat, are expensive to operate, and the bulbs have to be replaced frequently. We recommend energy efficient LED fixtures for your parking garage. You will see a dramatic reduction in your power bill due to their low energy consumption. The bulbs last 5-7 years with continual use and they generate much less heat than older fixtures. We offer a variety of lumen output, so you can choose how bright you’d like your space to be.

String Lighting

We can install all types of specialty outdoor lights. Looking for string lights for your fire pit? Lighting for your outdoor living kitchen and cabana? A gazebo? We can help you create a unique, gorgeous nighttime lightscape for you. We offer string lights, recessed lights, underwater lights, and much more.

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HOA Projects

Light up your neighborhood entrance or bring extra night time safety and security for your outdoor areas with Georgia Lightscapes LED lighting systems.

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Condominium Projects

Georgia Lightscapes specializes in turnkey LED lighting conversions for multi-family housing along with lighting up common areas, parking garages, walkways, hallways, installing charging stations and more.

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