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Things To Consider Before Hiring A Lighting Company

It can be difficult and stressful when it comes to picking the right company for a job. It is hard to know whether they will provide you with an amazing product as well as reliable customer service. Here Georgia Lightscapes mentions a few things to consider before you hire a landscape lighting contractor.

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Reviews have become a major jumping point for most consumers. To get a better idea of a company it is smart to look at their company reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. If the company you are looking into has a majority of bad reviews it’s probably best to consider someone else. Even if the company only has a few negative reviews, be sure to read through those to learn why the customer was unhappy. This can give you insight and will help you determine if those reviews could pose an issue in your project. 

Avoid ‘Do It All’ Companies 

A red flag to look for is a “do it all” type of business. These companies can be a great option for certain projects, but when it comes to landscape lighting, you want someone who specializes in that market. A company that specializes solely in landscape lighting will be able to see the vision you are going for. They can provide you with professional ideas and create a unique design to suit your needs. 

Is Your Lighting Company Licensed?

Be aware of hiring a landscape lighting contractor that isn’t licensed. An unlicensed contractor is very risky, especially when it comes to lighting because they oftentimes do not follow code. This can be a very serious and dangerous issue that can be avoided. Simply ask your potential contractor about their licensing status. Having a licensed landscape lighting contractor can save you money and time in the long run.  

Quality Products 

If a contractor is showing you aluminum or plastic fixtures, this should raise an immediate red flag. Unless the landscape lighting fixture is copper or brass, it will only last a couple of years. When it comes to landscape lighting fixtures, cheaper is never the best option. You will have to fix or replace them more often because they can’t uphold the outdoor elements. Nicer fixtures like copper or brass are designed to weather the elements and keep your system looking and working its best.


Communication is key in any relationship you have whether it be business or personal. When considering a lighting contractor, make sure they are not impossible to get in touch with. Having direct contact is so important because it creates a level of trust. This trust allows you to feel comfortable about the job your contractor may be doing. If you do not have that direct contact it can create confusion in you project and the results may suffer. 

Looking For a Lighting Company? 

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