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Benefits Of Landscape Lighting

When it comes to your home, there are many reasons why you may install or upgrade your outdoor lighting. In addition to increasing the safety and security, landscape lighting is designed to add value to your home as well. Here are the four main benefits and reasons why outdoor lighting is worth spending the money on.

Stand Out

Landscape lighting can highlight parts of your home that wouldn’t be possible to see at night. By illuminating different parts of your home and property, you are showcasing your home. This in turn makes you home more inviting to household members and guests, increasing your use of the outdoor space. A well thought out lighting plan can transform your dark home into a bold, illuminated showplace. For example, highlighting a favorite tree can light up the branches and yard below. Garden walls, flower beds or any other focal points can come to life at night with well planned out illumination.


Landscape lighting is a great way to avoid your home being a potential target for thieves. Lighting draws attention to a house, which increases the chance of a thief being seen. By increasing these chances you are actually decreasing the likelihood of crime in your area.

Landscape lighting also allows a homeowner or visitor a better view of the property when arriving at night. An illuminated perimeter helps deter thieves or harmful animals from lurking in the shadows.


Landscape lighting helps with visibility and decreases the chances of someone tripping and getting hurt on your property. Outdoor parties or activities that take place at night can be potentially dangerous with dark areas obscuring uneven paths and cracked sidewalks. A homeowner is liable for any accidents that occur on their property, so strategic illumination of problem areas in your yard can help avoid unfortunate accidents and potential lawsuits.


One of the top attributes of landscape lighting is that it adds style and dimension to your property. With well-placed lighting, a modest and subtle home can turn into a property that stands out and everyone loves to look at. Light can add space and dimension to an otherwise bland exterior. Landscape lighting increases the value of any home, offering a huge advantage when it comes time to sell the property. A well-lit home is a more attractive one to potential buyers, making any lighting addition both practical and financially responsible.

Invest In Your Property Today

Georgia Lightscapes works with you to design an landscape lighting system that meets your budget and needs, whether it is to illuminate your home in the evening, your outdoor living areas for nighttime enjoyment, or provide functional lighting for increased safety and security.  We also offer maintenance and restoration services on our current outdoor lighting systems. Give us a call today!