Parking Deck Lighting Can Minimize Car Related Crimes

Over the last year or so, car related crimes have increased in the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas. From bashed in windows to all four wheels getting taken off a vehicle. There has been a massive uprise in theft. For those reasons, Georgia Lightscapes details the importance of parking deck lighting to minimizing car related crimes.

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Parking Deck Lighting

A standard parking deck has hundreds of lights depending on the size. Many of these parking decks still lack proper lighting. Due to these visibility issues, improper lighting can cause accidents and lead to crime. That is why the IES publishes a set of standards for parking deck light levels. These standards have been developed for proper parking garage lighting, beginning with necessary illumination levels.

  • Leveled parking areas, the minimum horizontal illuminance is: 1.0 foot-candles (fc) or 10 Lux
  • Ramps, the minimum horizontal illuminance by day is: 2.0 fc or 20 Lux
  • Ramps, the minimum horizontal illuminance by night is: 1.0 fc or 10 Lux
  • Entrance ways, the minimum horizontal illuminance by day is: 50 fc or 500 Lux
  • Entrance ways, the minimum horizontal illuminance by night is: 1.0 fc or 10 Lux
  • Stairwells, the minimum horizontal illuminance is: 1.0 fc or 10 Lux

If you follow these guidelines, your parking deck will remain properly lit. In some instances, a property manager should consider more than the recommended light levels. For example, at the entrance of stairwells or around corners to minimize injury and crime.

car related crimes | Georgia Lightscapes

Lighting Design For Parking Decks

There are two popular designs when it comes to parking deck lighting. The single luminaire lighting design and the double luminaire design. Both present distinct advantages and disadvantages to safety and security.

A single luminaire layout is a single row of lights located in the center of the traffic lane. These lights illuminate the full width of the parking structure. Single luminaire layouts will use less equipment and usually use less energy. 

In a double luminaire design, the lights are placed closer to the parking spots on each side. This layout generally produces a more even lighting layout with better uniformity and less glare. With that being said, it can be more expensive due to the higher number of light fixtures.

Choose The Right Lights

The lights you use to illuminate your garage depend largely on what part of the parking deck you are trying to brighten.

  • Linear fixtures – A wide lighting distribution are a good choice for parking garages. These fixtures typically have a low profile and robust construction. The light distribution casts outward from the centerline.
  • LED Vapor Tight Lights – A special reflector and lens combination designed to spread light outward. 
  • Parking Garage Canopy Lights – A great option as they are both low profile and have the right type of lighting distribution for use in low ceiling decks. 
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