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Illuminate Your Commercial Lighting Space With Georgia Lightscapes

According to the Department of Energy, “Commercial lighting uses about 4.0 quads of primary energy annually – more than 20% of total commercial building energy use in the United States. Lighting represents a large end-use of electricity and is often targeted for energy savings through energy-efficient lighting and control systems.”

Commercial lighting refers to a type of lighting used for non-residential applications or any space designated for corporate applications. Most of the time, its purpose is purely functional due to businesses demanding efficiency alongside low running costs. At Georgia Lightscapes, we view our commercial lighting as both ergonomic and functional. Our services aim to improve and illuminate one’s ability to live, work, function, relax, and play. Additionally, we offer a wide range of commercial lighting services for both indoor and outdoor.

Commercial Lighting With Georgia Lightscapes

Let’s take a look at the services we provide!

Indoor Lighting Features:

  • Common Area and Hallway Lighting offers LED conversions on existing hallways, common areas, lobby areas, storage spaces, and all other tight interior rooms. 
  • Warehouse Lighting is bright energy-efficient lighting and is essential for large spaces like warehouses. It provides safety for employees and ease of use for many functions in storage facilities. Additionally, LED lighting is the perfect solution, with energy saving, clean illumination.
  • Condominium Projects can prove to be tough jobs. Georgia Lightscapes specializes in turnkey LED lighting conversions for multi-family housing. Furthermore, we light up common areas, parking garages, walkways, hallways, installing charging stations and more.

Outdoor Lighting Features:

  • Electrical Contracting helps install service charging stations, troubleshoot electrical issues, prepare for pool inspections, and many more. 
  • Lighting Systems are intelligent networks of lighting control. Our focus is to help you control your illumination levels  in the evening, your outdoor living areas for nighttime enjoyment, or provide functional lighting for increased safety and security. We also offer maintenance and restoration services on our current outdoor lighting systems.
  • Park Area Lighting adds safety lights to your parking lots. We offer energy efficient parking garage lights that create a secure perimeter. Likewise, our team recommends energy efficient LED fixtures for all your parking needs. 
  • Security Lighting inside bollards and wall packs are effective ways to light up dark areas and bring added security to your facility! 
  • Exit & Emergency Lights keep your property compliant with safety board regulations. We install new fixtures and also convert existing fixtures to money saving LED lights.
  • Aesthetic Lighting covers commercial lighting entrances, walls, corners, and more. It also creates easy, nighttime beauty.
  • String commercial lighting adds a little extra ambiance to your professional setting. Plus, we offer weather resistance string lights that will last for days to come.
  • Accent commercial lighting includes wide angle, integrated LED fixtures with wide (110°) beam angle and 1350 delivered lumens to your exterior spaces.

LED Commercial Lighting Conversions with Georgia Lightscapes:

LED bulbs last longer and are more durable than any other bulb. They are the new modern alternative to fluorescent lights and have color changing abilities, dimmable controls, and programable functions. LEDs also do not use fragile components such as glass or filaments, making them easily withstand shock, vibration, and extreme temperature. Due to technological advancements, LED bulbs can be up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent and last for an extra 10,000 hours and have less of an impact on the environment.

Georgia Lightscapes specializes in turnkey LED Lighting conversions. Furthermore, we have a five step process that can save you money just after one year:   

  1. Review & Audit– we go through exactly what your facility has and what needs to be changed, taking detailed records as we go.
  2. Here to Help– we walk with you during the process. Our goal is to handle the conversions for you so you don’t have to. In most cases we also file rebates and incentives for you. 
  3. Price– we offer many different price options for new lighting because we want you to feel like there is always an option.
  4. Financing– we can guide you through financing if needed. Plus, our pricing is competitive and we want to work with you to meet your budget.
  5. Installation– we will install and test all your new fixtures for you! Our conversions include a five-year warranty that guarantees this investment will pay for itself multiple times over.

To learn more about our LED conversions–check out more on our website here.


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Georgia Lightscapes is here to help you reach your illumination dreams. We are a start to finish electrical company. Our goal is to see your home and business beautifully illuminated with an outstanding lighting, long-term relationship. No matter what your project or goal is, our primary purpose is to make your project a pleasant and rewarding experience! In addition, our professional staff works with you to achieve your landscape accent lighting ambitions. We are experienced when it comes to lighting up homes throughout the Atlanta area and cannot wait to lend our extensive expertise to you. 

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