Enhancing Your Home Safety With Landscape Lighting Services

When you think of residential landscape lighting, bright pathways and illuminated backyards are usually the first thing to come to mind. However, when landscape lighting is done right, it can lead to more than just inviting outdoor spaces bound for social gatherings. Safety is one of the best-hidden features of lighting services. From accident prevention to intruder deterrent, your residential lighting services can go beyond beauty and provide your family with something irreplaceable. 

At Georgia Lightscapes, we value safety just as much as charm. Our goal is to deliver pleasant and rewarding experiences that keep you and your loved ones protected. That’s why we want to discuss how residential landscape lighting can significantly improve the safety and security of your home.

Quick Tips for Starting Home Lighting Safety

Are you new to your landscape lighting journey? Well, landscape lighting is an important part of home safety, and it can easily be overlooked. Lights that are properly placed outdoors not only enhance the beauty of your property but provide a safe and inviting atmosphere for your property. So, where should you start? Let’s dive in.

  1. Determine Dark Spaces: When it’s safe, take a lap around your place in the dark and determine which areas need extra lighting. Some of the most needed areas are usually around backyard features, walkways, entrances, and stairs. 
  2. Get the Right Lights: Illuminating your space will only work if you do it correctly! Placement is important for any light fixture, plus you need strong, well-made features that can weather the elements. At Georgia Lightscapes, we always recommend LEDs. They are also energy-efficient, produce less heat and last longer than any other type of lighting.
  3. Use Motion-Activated Lights: Motion-activated lights provide an additional layer of security by illuminating your property when they detect movement. They tend to save a good amount of energy because they only turn on when someone else approaches.
  4. Measure Your Illumination Level: lights are great features to have, but you don’t want to be blinding your neighbors or attracting the wrong type of attention. The direction of the light should be calculated carefully, as well as, considering the use of diffusing shields.
  5. Hire a Professional for Help: Landscape Lighting takes a technical touch. Regardless of where your illumination goals are, professionals can help you choose the right lights, plan a strategic layout and verify that your lighting is installed safely.

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Best Landscape Lighting for Your Residential Areas

So, you want to start implementing landscape lighting around your house, but you don’t know what type of fixtures to use? Well, at Georgia Lightscapes we have many different types that we recommend. They all serve different purposes and ultimately enhance the safety of your home.

Up Lights–are LED low voltage brass up lights that add directed illumination and chic style to your exterior spaces. They come in a bullet-shaped LED outdoor light fixture that features a round, clear tempered glass lens. Furthermore, this accent light draws attention to your favorite tree, architectural feature or outdoor living area. 

Deck Lights – are great for pools and outdoor living areas. They are contemporary additions to any deck, patio, porch, or pool area due to their sleek shape. The downlight design washes the deck walls below with warm white light, bringing a subtle illumination. 

Path Lights – are a very common addition to residential homes. They can save you from tripping through a dark pathway or from fumbling to find the right key. Path lights use low-voltage LED to cast light. They are a warm bronze color. Path lights give clarification to gardens, stairs, and pathways as a great extra security measure.

Flood Lights ward off wildlife, and keep your yard safe. They are ideal for lighting up larger areas like driveways and walkways. Also, they provide great coverage and can be easily installed.

Spotlights – are ideal for illuminated natural areas like trees, outside features and congregation areas. They not only beautify the landscape–but provide a simple and strategic strategy.

Peak Lights – usually sit at the top of a ‘peak’ on the exterior of a home. They illuminate the high points of your home. This type of light is weather resistant, durable and adds brightness so residents can easily see outside. 

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