Safety First: Enhancing Security With Outdoor Lighting In Georgia 

Whether you are looking to increase safety in your residential home or in a commercial space, landscape lighting is an easy and effective tool. It is important to feel comfortable and safe in your home and at work, therefore it is necessary to have a well-lit exterior. A study done by the University of Chicago found that neighborhoods that implemented outdoor lighting experienced significantly lower crime rates than they had before. The study concluded that increased lighting levels led to a 36% reduction in crime. Outdoor lighting also increases safety because it prevents dangerous tripping and falling caused by dimly lit walkways. 

Ways to Increase Safety with Outdoor Lighting

  • Install lighting near all exterior doors of your property so that people entering and exiting the home can be clearly seen.
  • Illuminate any potential hiding spots around your property
  • Make sure you leave a few lights on, both indoor and outdoor, when leaving the premises to give the illusion that the space is occupied.
  • Ensure that all areas with steps are well-lit to prevent injury due to low visibility.
  • If you own a pool, make sure you have adequate lighting around it. Improper lighting around a pool can be a huge safety risk for animals and children.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Neighborhood

It can be very difficult to keep up with all of the outdoor lighting needed for your neighborhood, but you are not alone! Georgia Lightscapes supports many HOA’s across the Metro Atlanta Area. LED lighting is an inexpensive way to improve the safety of your neighborhood. We specialize in neighborhood entrance lighting, tennis court lighting, pool lighting, park area lighting, parking lot lighting, and much more.

Improving Safety in Commercial Spaces

Have you ever left a building late at night and felt a little uneasy walking back to your car? That uneasiness can be calmed with proper outdoor lighting around your commercial space. No matter what type of business you have, you want your customers and employees to feel safe entering and exiting your facilities. Furthermore, you want to ensure that no unwanted visitors are trespassing on your property at night. Through the implementation of outdoor lighting, your commercial space will be much more secure. Finally, outdoor lighting provides a welcoming, professional atmosphere for your business.

Make sure these areas around your commercial space have adequate lighting:

  • All exterior doors
  • Signage
  • Large trees or bushes
  • Walkways
  • Parking lots
  • Parking garages
  • Any potential hiding spots

Types of Security Lighting

Once you have made the decision to implement landscape/ exterior lighting on your commercial or residential property, it is time to decide what kind of lights you want. Below are some commonly used lighting varieties.

  • Motion Sensor Lighting: Motion sensor lights are a great option when it comes to security. Not only do they save energy, but they also can alert you when motion is detected in a specific area. Additionally, they are good at scaring intruders and animals away from your property. 
  • Neighborhood Lighting: More lighting around your neighborhood will not only make it look better, but it will make it significantly safer as well. Residents feel much safer walking their dogs at night or taking out the trash when there is sufficient lighting around them. 
  • Outdoor String Lighting: In residential areas, outdoor string lighting is a great way to inconspicuously implement security. Additionally, these gorgeous lights provide great coverage that help deter unwanted guests and wildlife from your property.  
  • Flood Lights: Flood lights are ideal for illuminating larger areas like driveways and walkways. They provide great coverage and can be easily installed.
  • Spotlights: Spotlights are ideal for illuminating natural areas like trees and benches. They beautify the landscape while also providing safety.
  • Path Lights: Path lights are utilized to safely illuminate paths and walkways in both residential and commercial areas.
  • Pool Lights: Lighting in and around your pool is a must have. Making sure your pool is visible at all times is necessary to make sure no animals or people fall in.

Interested in Outdoor Lighting to Improve Safety? Call Us Today!

Proper lighting is crucial in creating a safe environment around your home or commercial space. Hiring a professional lighting company can enhance a space’s security and functionality while saving money in the long run. Georgia Lightscapes can provide customization, expertise, and proper installation, maintenance, and repair services. All of these services aim to make Georgia Lightscapes your first choice for outdoor lighting in Georgia.

Professional lighting companies like Georgia Lightscapes can provide a wide range of services. Our services can enhance the look and feel of your space while also saving you money. Whether you’re looking to improve safety and security, design a new commercial building, or create an inviting outdoor area, a professional lighting company can help you achieve your goals. Give us a call at 404-974-4632 or contact us today!