Improve Safety With Outdoor Security Lights

Have you ever had to take out the trash at night and got an uneasy feeling that someone is lurking in the shadows? The darkness of the night can be scary and frightening to many homeowners or businesses. Not being able to see around your home or business is not only scary but can be dangerous as well. Proper outdoor lighting is important to keep your family, customers or yourself safe during the night. Here, Georgia Lightscapes discusses outdoor security lights and why you should invest in them for your home or business today. Give us a call today to learn more about pricing and installments.

Types Of Outdoor Security Lights

Are you in the market for outdoor security lights? Choosing the right fixtures for your home or business can sometimes get confusing. That’s why Georgia Lightscapes is here to help! Several outdoor security lights have waterproof designs and features capable of withstanding all the outdoor elements. Here is a list of the top outdoor lighting options you should consider for your home or business.

  • Flood Lights – These outdoor security lights distribute a wide range of light and are ideal for illuminating large spaces. These types of fixtures can come with multiple adjustable heads. Perfect for residential or commercial properties. Customers have utilized flood lights for such things as driveways, backyards, recreational areas, entryways, corners, decks, loading areas, patios, porches, pools, warehouses and more.
  • Landscape Lighting – Landscape lights are important for illuminating frequently used paths and walkways. These security light fixtures can also be utilized for illuminating trees and other elements around your home or business. Ideally, customers tend to use landscape lighting around a deck, trees, plants, flower beds, paths, stairs and even walkways.
  • Street Lights & Parking Lots – Security lights such as street lights or parking garage lighting is used for general-purpose lighting and safety. They provide adequate lighting for customers or guests to move to and from your building without the fear of getting attacked or robbed. The majority of the time this style of lighting is used in retail locations to provide customers with a safe environment.
  • Motion Sensors – Motion sensors detect movement in a specific area and activate lights when motion is detected. This type of lighting is ideal for unlit areas where it’s difficult to see at night, such as backyards or front porches. Motion sensors can also be used alongside other types of outdoor lighting systems to activate lights when someone comes into range but not necessarily when they walk by them. These systems are usually controlled by a handheld remote control or smartphone app.
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Top 3 Reasons To Get Outdoor Security Lights

Increases Safety For Guests & Customers

Most break-ins occur during nighttime hours when a burglar knows neighbors or customers won’t see them. Neighborhoods and non-lit businesses are more susceptible to break-ins. Outdoor security lights can help deter burglars. These lights help prevent them from hiding behind landscaping features that block visibility. Trespassing is a common problem in many neighborhoods or business areas. People walk through yards and driveways or around businesses without permission almost daily. Outdoor lighting helps minimize this and improves overall safety.

Property Value

By installing outdoor security lights, you are making an investment in the overall worth of your home or business. Outdoor lighting is a beautiful safety feature and is sure to add to your home’s value and provide a higher appraisal if ever to be sold. 

Save On Energy

Motion sensors are a great investment around residential or commercial properties. They are triggered by movement and could alert you to potential trespassers in the area. Timers and photocell sensors are useful for lights on roads or garages. The lights automatically turn off once sunlight is detected. This is particularly worthwhile during seasonal changes when it is darker earlier. With appropriate lighting and emergency controls, lights can be used only when required allowing you to save money and significantly reduce energy consumption.

With security lighting, it isn’t always about having the brightest lights, it’s about having a suitable lighting solution that works in your exterior space. It goes without saying, it’s always advisable to have an alarm or surveillance system in place as an added form of security.

Insurance Premium Reductions

Many insurance companies offer discounts for homeowners who install adequate outdoor security lights on their property. If you are in the market for home insurance, ask your agent about this discount before committing to a policy. You could save money on your premiums over time with just a few simple changes to your outdoor lighting system.

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When it comes to outdoor security lights for your home, it’s important to hire a professional and reliable company. Our trained technicians at Georgia Lightscapes have the skills and years of experience to help you install the security lighting you desire. We’ll work with you to ensure that your outdoor security lights not only keep your family or business safe but works well within your budget. For a free quote give us a call today.