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Are Your Outdoor Light Bulbs Working?

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why your outdoor light bulbs may not be working correctly. It is an inconvenience at any time but especially now that the time will change soon, and we will see the sun begin to set a lot earlier in the day. With this change approaching quickly, be sure to test out your outdoor light bulbs! Make sure they are all working properly; however, if they are not, you can call our outdoor lighting company to install or replace your lights. Find out more about your landscape lighting and outdoor light bulbs today from Georgia Lightscapes and the services we offer!

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Why Your Outdoor Light Bulbs May Not Be Working 

  • There may be a shortage in your electricity.

Why does an electricity shortage occur? A short can happen when a low-resistance path is not suited to carry electricity and receives a high-volume electrical current. Essentially, it can happen when a hot wire touches something it is not supposed to, which can result in damage, electrical shock, or even a fire. It could also occur if bare wires touch one another or when there is a low-resistance connection between two conductors supplying electrical power to a circuit. If you happen to have lots of pests (rats, squirrels, or cats) around your home, they could also cause an electrical short by chewing on the electrical wires.

One reason why an electrical short is so difficult to troubleshoot is that it can happen in multiple places at the same time. This means it will take a lot of time and effort to inspect wires for electrical shorts. One easy way to find shorts is by looking for wires that are cut, broken, frayed, stretched, or improperly connected. It’s important to check for any areas with exposed wires or bulbs that may be receiving moisture. You can give us a call at 404-974-4632 and we will come out and assess your current system and give you a quote to maintain and restore your outdoor landscape lighting system! 

Only A Section Isn’t Working

  • This is an issue you can attempt to troubleshoot by again, inspecting for any electrical shorts. You can also reset any timers you have, check the transformer, and double-check your outlets. One easy way to make sure your outlet is working properly is by plugging in a phone charger. If your phone does not begin to charge, then the root of the issue is likely due to the outlet. If your issue is not resolved by resetting the timer, it could be the case of needing to get a new timer for your lights! Our outdoor lighting company can inspect the issue and provide a solution for you, big or small. 
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The Outdoor Light Bulbs Aren’t As Bright As Others

  • If this happens, it could be possible that your bulbs are simply loose. First, try to tighten the bulbs so that they can receive all of the connections. If tightening the bulb does not help the problem, it could be time to replace the bulbs! 

The GFCI Is Tripped Out

  • The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is a fast-acting circuit breaker that shuts off electric power in the event of a ground fault. It is also to precisely monitor the balance of electrical current moving through a circuit. If the power goes where it shouldn’t, like in a short, the GFCI immediately cuts off the electricity. This acts within as little as 1/40 of a second in order to safely shut down the electricity. Since electrical cables for outdoor lighting and landscape lighting are typically found underground, there could be a few problems to troubleshoot. Sometimes, water can even make its way into electrical outlets due to heavy downpours or storms. This is why it is important to have an outdoor lighting company to properly inspect and carefully install lights on your property. 

Why Is It Important For Your Outdoor Light Bulbs To Work?

Landscape lighting and other forms of light provide excellent safety and help you stand out in your neighborhood! When considering what types of landscape lighting to add to your home, think of what specifically you want to be well-lit. If you are wanting to be able to see your sidewalk better at night, add pathway lighting next to your driveway and sidewalk! This is great because it doesn’t require wiring, so you wouldn’t have to worry about tripping on the wires. There is a great variety of options you can choose from in regard to what you’d like your pathway to look like. This type of landscape lighting is seen in homes all over the Atlanta area! This accent landscape lighting fixture is finished in warm matte bronze which creates a warm, welcoming look for your guests.

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Our customers at Georgia Lightscapes have trusted our professionals for years, and continue to remain satisfied with our services! You can check out our ratings here and get inspired by our very own customers’ photos. If you are interested in adding outdoor light bulbs to your home this year, look no further than Georgia Lightscapes. We design and install all types of exterior lighting for commercial and residential customers. Our team proudly serves all of our customers with the utmost integrity and honesty. Considering their needs and wants as our top priority. We provide each customer with the highest quality products and a five-star experience every time! 

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