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Improve Your Summer BBQ With Outdoor String Lights

One of the best parts about summertime is the ability to sit outside and enjoy the weather. However, that ends when the sun sets and it becomes dark outside. This doesn’t have to be the case though! With outdoor string lights, you can transform your landscape into a beautifully lit-up space to enjoy your summer BBQs, swimming parties or just hanging out. 

With Georgia Lightscapes, our job is to help you with lighting needs! We offer a wide selection of outdoor lighting options that are great choices to install as soon as possible! It is important to have great landscape lighting, and it is our main goal to help you achieve that. 

The first step in this journey of transforming your yard is to get creative! We will share with you multiple ideas today, but it’s ultimately your preference on what you dream of your outdoor lighting to look like! 

Here are a few areas you can utilize landscape lighting this season:

  1. Hanging String Lights Over Your Dining Set: This would serve as a trendy, stunning look and provide great light to your meals. After all, you can’t eat dinner in the dark! Make sure that the string lights are not low enough that your guests run into them, but also not high enough that the light doesn’t shine on your table! Try out a few different heights and see which one you like the most. 
  1. Hanging String Lights Over Your Fire Pit: There’s nothing like a classic night outside in the summertime like sitting by the fire pit and roasting marshmallows. Spice up this area by adding string lights! In the case of the fire getting too hot to sit close by, your guests will still have light if they move away from the fire! 
  1. Hanging String Lights Along Your Privacy Fence: Of course, your home’s privacy is important, but the aesthetic of your backyard should not be ignored. Most people would agree that privacy fences are typically not the prettiest part of your yard, but this can be solved by adding string lights! After lining the top of the fence with lights, your entire backyard will glow. This unique way of lighting your backyard is extremely simple and only requires the length of your fence in the light! 
  1. Stringing Lights Near Your Pool: One sure way to wow your guests is by stringing lights around your pool. The reflection of the lights bouncing off the water is magical and helps those night swimmers see better. This can also serve as a safety tip because of the amount of light provided surrounding the pool. This is especially the case for children, to help prevent them from falling in and suffering an injury. At Georgia Lightscapes, we install your high voltage string lights at least 10-12 feet away from the water to reduce the risk of harm and electrocution.

If you are not a fan of string lights, there are still multiple other options to improve your outdoor lighting. 

  1. One spin-off of the string lights is rope lights! This is a unique way of lighting your landscape area by roping lights right along the edge. This will provide a soft glow to your yard that is hard to top. 

    Another area you can use rope lights is your deck. This gives the deck a pretty, fun look as opposed to just plain wood. It also makes it easier for guests to see steps and a walkway to and from your home. Another cool space you can rope lights around is any tall trees you have. This is especially unique with long, skinny trees like palm trees. The spiral light reaching up to the top of the tree is a perfect way to create a great atmosphere in your yard.
  1. Another great option is placing lanterns around your yard. This simple, elegant look is perfect for the summer. Any dinner party hosted in your backyard will look extremely classy, as lanterns create a perfect ambiance. 
  1.  Tree Lights: This option is very beneficial to those who have invested so much into their landscape. Don’t let that be wasted just because it is dark outside, light it up! Any type of directional light is perfect for highlighting the tree, further giving it dimension. 
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Outdoor lighting is a great way to get the most out of your patio, garden, and entire backyard. It can quickly create a relaxing environment where you can sit back, relax and play games with friends or family. Or, simply enjoy a meal together outside. The summertime is perfect to decide to light up your landscape since it is typically a great temperature at night. Don’t worry about having to do this on your own, that’s what we are here for. We would love to help you achieve the backyard of your dreams! Come visit us at for all your outdoor lighting needs.