Landscape Lighting Spring Maintenance Tips

Outdoor landscape lighting has numerous benefits, but only if they are working properly. With Spring maintenance you not only maximize the efficiency of your system but also extend its life span and save on costly repairs. One of the best times to take tend to your lighting system is Springtime before the summer heat. With that being said, here Georgia Lightscapes discusses a few maintenance tips to guarantee your landscape lighting system works all season long.

Maintenance Tips:

Inspect The Cables & Connections

The first thing you should do is inspect the wiring of your landscape lighting system. While most cables get buried during lighting installation, it’s possible they get dug up over time. This can cause subsequent damage to the electrical system. Once you find exposed wiring, be sure to check the grounding and make sure the connections are all properly working. After this, be sure to dig a hole roughly 6+ inches and bury the wire completely. This will ensure that your landscape lighting system doesn’t become a tripping hazard and will be out of the way.

Fixture Adjustments

Weather conditions can cause outdoor light fixtures to shift from their original position. Additionally, wildlife or kids may accidentally knock a fixture over or out of place. Whatever shifts the outdoor lighting, it will make your system look better if you take the time to adjust all the fixtures to their correct spots. Take inventory of all your fixtures in case one comes up and is misplaced or taken by wildlife pests.

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Check Bulbs & Upgrade To LED

A burned-out light bulb can not only make your system look incomplete but also become a safety issue. Without proper landscape lighting portions of your driveway or walkway remain dim. Additionally, a single blown-out bulb can increase the voltage pushed to other bulbs and shorten their life span in the process. The best way to avoid this is to convert your system to LED bulbs. These types of light fixtures last far longer than their traditional counterparts and deliver substantial cost savings based on their energy efficiency.

Remove Debris & Clean The Landscape Lighting

Your outdoor lighting system is exposed to the outdoor elements 24/7. Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate on landscape lighting fixtures. When this happens, the quality of light cast by the fixtures is impacted. To keep your outdoor landscape lighting clean and clear, remove debris and whip down the lenses. A pro tip is to apply Armor All to the lenses, increasing the durability against the elements. Once your cloudy and dull lenses are cleaned and restored to their original state, you’ll see more of the benefits in your landscape lighting investment.

Set Timers

After cleaning your outdoor lighting system, it’s recommended to set timers for your lights. This Spring tip is very beneficial to the efficiency of your system all season long. You’ll save energy and money in the long run and still get all the use you need from your lighting system. Once the timers are set it’s important to perform a quick test. If there are any issues check the time setting (AM/PM) and then repeat the steps listed above for further diagnostics.

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