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How To Improve Work Conditions With Proper Warehouse Lighting

Are your employees struggling to read barcodes? Is there a lack of high-energy during work hours in the warehouse? This is an effect of what type of lighting is in place. The warehouse is a massive building that houses a lot of different goods and materials, so it’s necessary to be well-lit. Here are a few tips to improve work conditions by way of lighting.

Improve Work Conditions With The Following:

LED Lights

  • Studies show that installing LED lights around your warehouse are not only energy efficient, but also result in higher productivity with more accuracy and lower risk. The government standards actually have set rules in place for how the lighting must be, which you can read here. These standards are to protect workers and help them perform daily tasks, re-emphasizing how important proper lighting is. 
  • LED lights are the most energy efficient and cost-friendly in the long-run. The average cost of warehouse savings with LED bulbs is about 61%, with some seeing savings of over $100,000 in one year. 
  • If a warehouse is still using traditional warehouse lighting, there are potential threats of overheating and exploding. Sometimes, lights may be installed incorrectly, which would especially cause them to become a fire hazard in your warehouse. Research shows that the hottest outside surface of an LED bulb is often half the temperature of an equivalent brightness (Incandescent of Halogen) bulb. When considering the typical operations of inside a warehouse, overhead lights are always on, which may lead to overheating if not careful. Since warehouses are typically run on a 24-hour schedule, the cost of lighting is one of the biggest expenses and/or dangers. 
  • Although the typical metal halide bulbs are indeed bright and provide good lighting, LEDs are much more energy efficient and require less maintenance because they last longer. 

Productivity Levels

  • Warehouses cover a lot of ground. LED lights are the best solution to having vision of everything in the warehouse! This also helps in regard to large shelving units. The bottom shelf needs to receive as much light as the middle and top shelves. When considering how to improve conditions for workers, proper lighting is key. They need to be able to quickly see what they are doing, especially for those operating forklifts, which emphasizes the importance of safety.


  • There are many different dangerous aspects of working in any warehouse. Improper stacking onto shelves or the ground, inadequate safety equipment, unsafe forklift usage and many others. Proper lighting is able to decrease the chances of an accident occurring. It also helps prevent loss of items or equipment. Your business should not have to worry about having to cover the cost of a lost or damaged product because of the inefficient lighting. 
  • Not only does it provide safety to workers completing their job, but it provides safety for external purposes as well. Having proper, bright lighting will help keep your warehouse safe and secure. The shadowy, dark corners of a warehouse are the unseen areas, so lighting them up would prevent any major issue within your work space. 

Overall Mood

  • Your workers may experience a shift in mood when LED lights are installed. This is because lighting helps our brain and makes us act in a more productive manner. 
  • Having brighter lights, that don’t necessarily change the temperature of the building, are a major key in improving the conditions. It also may reduce the amount of headaches or eyesight issues in workers. With bright lighting, workers do not have to strain their eyes to read labels or copy a barcode. It will be easier for them and more time efficient as well. 

Overall, switching to LED lights is always worth it. You can check out a few more reasons why here! These are just some of the reasons for how proper lighting can improve working conditions in warehouses. However, to learn more and receive assistance in this process, call Georgia Lightscapes today. Georgia Lightscapes is a start to finish lighting installation company that provides outdoor lighting for Metro Atlanta and most of Georgia. Our complete lighting services include design, installation, and superior service to help you in every way we can. We want to build a long-term relationship with you while providing you with excellent lighting to help you reach maximum productivity while at work. Reach out to us with any questions you may have about this process. 

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