Creative Ideas For Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lighting is a creative and trendy way to illuminate your backyard or home. Whether they are hanging above an outdoor seating area or over balconies, string lights are a no-hassle, no-fuss way to light up your property. Their portability and flexibility make them a great option for entertaining, whether you’re hosting pool parties or backyard barbecues. Here Georgia Lightscapes discusses some creative ideas for making the most of your outdoor string lights.

Illuminate A Dining Area

Create the perfect and inviting outdoor dining space for evening dinner parties with a few string lights. These lights will brighten a backyard and create a fun environment for you and your guests to enjoy. To add even more to the fun you can scatter some lanterns on the table or around the table.

The ‘Fireflies’ Lighting Trend

A creative string lighting idea is the look of fireflies. Characterized by small exposed light bulbs hanging in midair, they can easily be suspended over the patio or entire backyard to enhance the atmosphere of a perfect summer/fall evening.

Straight Lined String Lights

If you want to make your outdoor patio or deck brighter, without cluttering the space, arrange outdoor string lights into parallel straight lines several feet apart. This helps the space feel more orderly while creating a sense of visual balance and symmetry. If you have a hot date, maybe add some candles or a dimmer to your lights to give the space some ambiance.

Highlight Backyard Entertainment

Do you have a hammock, fire pit, or water feature in your backyard? String lights can help highlight the fun and entertaining features that may not get seen during the dark hours of the day. Since these unique lights are portable, flexible, and adjustable, you can hang them virtually anywhere. Two lines of string lights hung between the trees is an easy and intimate way to light up a cozy resting spot, such as above a hammock.

Show Off Nature Features

The Christmas tree isn’t the only tree that can benefit from string lights. String lights are a simple décor that can be gracefully suspended around trees to add a whole new element to your landscape lighting. Larger globe bulbs create a star-like effect above a cozy seating arrangement.

Criss-Cross Pattern Lighting

If you are missing landscape lighting from your backyard but want to entertain guests, all you have to do is hang some strings of outdoor lights. Criss-crossing two strands of lights over spacious areas will provide adequate illumination over the desired space.

Highlight Your Homes Features

Make your modern home stand out by using outdoor string lights to highlight its architectural features. Wood is especially great with string lighting because it highlights the color and makes it really pop. String lighting is an excellent alternative to outdoor ceiling lights. This is because they require no-hassle installation and can be removed or rearranged at any time.

Get Your String Lights Today

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