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Protect Your Outdoor Lighting From The Elements

Outdoor lighting can turn your property into an inviting and fun place to be. One thing to be careful about as you select and install outdoor lighting is protecting it against the natural elements. Here Georgia Lightscapes discusses tips to keeping your lighting protected.

Bugs & Wildlife

Bugs and insects are naturally attracted to outdoor lighting. This is due to the warmth that comes from lighting fixtures. Because of this, homeowners often see insects flying around your outdoor lights at night. This can not only put a damper on your outdoor gathering but can make your fixtures more susceptible to damage as well.

A simple tip to fix this problem is to install LED lighting. This type of landscape lighting produces less heat, which will make your fixtures less attractive to bugs. Another way to ward off bugs and unwanted wildlife is by installing a water feature with lighting. These feeders or water sources can encourage birds to spend time on your property, fending off unwanted bugs attracted to the lights.

Location Of Your Outdoor Lighting

While designing your lighting plan, be sure to choose locations of your lighting strategically and with the long-term protection of each feature in mind. In a perfect world, your lighting should be placed in spots that will protect them from the elements while still giving them enough room to illuminate your outdoor space. The best way to make sure your lights are strategically placed by consulting a professional team like Georgia Lightscapes. We know all the tips and tricks to keep your property illuminated while protecting each fixture as much as possible.

Use Outdoor Safe Fixtures and Bulbs

Some fixtures and light bulbs are simply not meant to be used outside of the home; when looking for outdoor lighting, always select trusted name-brand fixtures and bulbs that are specifically designed for outdoor use.

Use Surge Protectors

It’s true that LED lights last longer than incandescent and fluorescent lights. However, they are more prone to damage from an electrical surge. Setting up lighting fixtures on a reliable surge protector is highly recommended. Surge protectors that are rated for outdoor use can protect LED lights from lightning strikes and power surges alike.

Surge protectors work by grounding any additional electricity that tries to make its way into the light fixture. Outdoor lighting specialists like Georgia Lightscapes can then use this protection for your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Professionals

Is your outdoor landscape lighting system out of date?  Do you have older broken fixtures?  Does your system need updating?  We can help. 

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