Garden Enchantment: Using Lighting to Showcase Your Landscaping

We can spend countless hours weeding and tending to our gardens, only to have that beauty shrouded when the sun sets. With the right lighting, nightfall doesn’t have to be the downfall of your grounds. At Georgia Lightscapes, we have the techniques to make your landscaping pop and shine in the darkness. Here are some tips on garden landscape lighting!

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Plan How Lighting Will Showcase Your Landscaping

When you have a project in mind, it’s best to identify the key elements of your gardening space that you want to showcase. This might include statues, water features, prized plants, paths or patio areas. Write out everything you are thinking for your garden landscape lighting then take some glances at your property during the day and the night. 

  • What are your reasons for wanting to put up lighting in your garden? Whether it is for decoration or safety, it will help your decision making process.
  • What are spaces you feel need lighting the most? This will help you determine what types of lighting look best for your space. Is it down lighting for pathways? Up lighting to show off a tree?
  • What places will you want lighting in the future? Perhaps you don’t need lighting right now–but in the future you may want to change, move or add fixtures to ensure plants remain properly lit as they grow. Your outdoor lighting is an evolving project. 

Another thing to consider is shadows and glare. Don’t worry about the darkness when it comes to your landscaping–shadows are your friend here. They bring dimension, backlighting, silhouettes, and emphasize shapes. What you don’t want is glare. When you can see the source of light you have a glare. It can cause discomfort, and take the focus away from the objects you are trying to illuminate. Throughout your planning process take note of what object in your yard or garden you want to add shadow to and where you do not want glare. 

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Begin With Down Lighting

Down lighting can be considered a more natural form of lighting because it is the most similar to the sun. Down lighting can be used to highlight walkways, flower beds, shaped bushes and even patio furniture. Most of these fixtures can be attached to trees or affixed to your home and angled toward the ground. They can also be placed as fixtures on short stakes with rims or other shielding that directs illumination downwards. Garden landscape lighting can be easily imported into your backyard to brighten up plants and trees alike.

At Georgia Lightscapes, we offer path lights as a very common type of residential lighting. They can save you from tripping through a dark pathway or from fumbling to find the right key. Path lights use low-voltage LEDs to cast light. They are a warm bronze color. Path lights give clarification to gardens, stairs, and pathways as a great extra security measure.

Include Up Lighting

If you have any garden landscape lighting ideas or architecture you are proud of in your yard, then think about incorporating Up Lighting! These are light fixtures that tend to shine upwards dramatically highlighting full trees, statues, and building structures. They usually are softer on the edges and become brighter in the center of the object it is focused at. You can achieve dramatic Up Lighting by using two or more fixtures that all aim at the same object, or go for a more subtle look with small fixtures buried in the ground. 

We offer up lights as LED low voltage brass lights that add directed illumination and chic style to your exterior spaces. They come in a bullet-shaped LED outdoor light fixture that features a round, clear tempered glass lens. Furthermore, this accent light draws attention to your favorite tree, architectural feature or outdoor living area. 

Consider Deck and Pool Lighting

While there are many swimming pool light options, LED lights are the most popular for brightening up pools and decks around your home. Although they do tend to be more expensive than other options out there–they are worth the investment as they are long-lasting and provide unmatched energy support. Another huge reason to consider these lights are for the safety benefits. When you can see your pool, you don’t have to worry about animals or children falling into it as much. Deck lights also offer illumination that makes it easier to see where you are going or if there are any stray items on the ground in front of you. Practical reasons aside LED light pool lights provide ambiance with color-changing technology that are sure to elevate any late-night swimming escapade.

We love pools and outdoor living areas! Illuminate your outdoor living areas with LED deck lighting and LED pool lighting for your water features. Deck lights are a contemporary addition to any deck, patio, porch or pool area. Its sleek shape and downlight design washes the wall below it with warm white light. Pool Lights add color accents and illuminate your pool for use after dark.

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