Why Your HOA Needs To Hire An Outdoor Lighting Company

Well lit neighborhoods make people feel safe and able to walk around at night. Without proper lighting, neighborhoods suffer and don’t give homeowners that extra bit of safety for themselves or their kids. Keeping the neighborhood entrance, community area, pool areas, tennis courts, holiday lights and more is a lot of work. But that doesn’t have to be the case for your neighborhood! Georgia Lightscapes supports HOA’s across the entire Metro Atlanta area. So, why does your neighborhood need to hire a professional outdoor lighting company like Georgia Lightscapes?! In our latest blog, we discuss the benefits of a local outdoor lighting company and why your HOA should give us a call today!

Top Outdoor Lighting Benefits For An HOA

Maintenance Programs

Does your neighborhood have several street lights? Does it have a pool or tennis court with lights out? Having an outdoor lighting company for your HOA is a great investment for the entire community. A typical lighting system needs be maintained just like the pool or anything else that the HOA oversees. For example, as trees and bushes get bigger, lighting will need to be adjusted to accommodate the changes. Bulbs burnout and will need to be replaced. Fixtures that get hit by landscapers or kids will need to be repositioned or rewired. By choosing an outdoor lighting company like Georgia Lightscapes, your HOA is given a comprehensive maintenance program to deal with all these situations that may arise.

Turnkey LED Lighting Conversions

Tired of your expensive HOA fees? Let us help reduce those costs and in turn reduce the cost of your HOA dues. No matter what kind of lighting system your HOA has in place, Georgia Lightscapes can save you money by converting to LED light bulbs. We first will look at the system in place and figure out what is best for each neighborhood. Depending on the area or number of lights, Georgia Lightscapes can come up with an affordable plan to help make the change to save your HOA money.

We use state of the art, professional grade LED lamps that have a much longer burnout rate than traditional incandescent bulbs. You will see the saving very quickly. For example, a system with an annual energy consumption of $1000 can typically be reduced to below $500 just by switching to LED. These changes can save your HOA money and help reduce HOA fees for residents. Learn more HERE!

Experienced Lighting Contractors & Designers

Georgia Lightscapes is Atlanta’s premier electrical contractor and professional commercial lighting service. We work with HOAs, property managers, corporations, small businesses, retail properties, restaurants, parks, community centers, and warehouses all around Atlanta. So with years of experience we can help assist in making your outdoor lighting not just useful but esthetically pleasing as well. Entrance lighting, wall lights at the gym, corner lights, and much more. We are approved vendors for many of the larger property management companies in the Atlanta area, so getting started with Georgia Lightscapes may be easier than you think! Give us a call today!

Holiday Lighting

Another great thing about an outdoor lighting company like Georgia Lightscapes is we can help out during the holidays. Does your neighborhood put up lights throughout the trees and community common areas? Georgia Lightscapes will take care of your exterior lighting design for the seasons. We offer specialized lighting for the existing common areas, lobby area and all other exterior lights during the holidays. Want to be the fun and festival neighborhood this holiday season? Get your HOA to call us today to learn more!


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We support HOA’s and condominiums, working with property managers across Atlanta.  We offer many electrical and lighting services.  From turnkey LED conversion projects to neighborhood entrance lighting, we are the premier provider for condominiums and HOA’s across Atlanta and in the Metro Atlanta area. Give us a call today to learn more about pricing and availability.