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When Is The Right Time To Install Outdoor Lighting?

Whether you just bought your house, you’re looking to create an outdoor living area or you’re putting in new landscaping, when is the best time to install outdoor lighting? The simple answer is it can be at any time. With that being said, there can be certain times that might make it easier for your lighting technicians to start your install. Here Georgia Lightscapes discusses different times in which installing your outdoor lighting is best.

Outdoor Lighting | Georgia Lightscapes

Before Construction or Landscaping Starts

Sometimes installing outdoor lighting before the building or landscaping makes the job easier and less expensive for the client. It helps if PVC pipes, which protect the wiring, are installed beneath any hardscape surfaces before installation. That will prevent your technicians from having to tunnel under or bore through to lay proper wiring. This can save you hundreds of dollars in labor costs. If you are planning an outdoor kitchen or other outdoor structure, it helps to install at the beginning of the process. Technicians can hide wires and fixtures more easily if they work in conjunction with carpenters and electricians.

After Construction or Landscaping Is Finished

Many customers assume outdoor lighting designers have to be in on the project from the beginning. This isn’t always the case. In some instances, it’s actually harder and more expensive for technicians to install from the beginning. This is because it may require more trips to the job site to coordinate with landscapers and irrigation installers. While landscapers tear up the lawn a bit to put in irrigation, lighting design doesn’t need to do that. To install outdoor lighting wires, technicians simply use a shovel to create a ‘V’ in the ground and tucks the wiring into that opening. This simple installation can be done at any time and is fairly quick.

Outdoor Lighting | Georgia Lightscapes

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