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Why lighting Maintenance is important

Replacing Bulbs, cleaning, fixture repair

Proper exterior lighting doesn't just showcase your business. It also provides a safer environment for your customers and employees.

Monthly maintenance of this lighting is the most efficient way to keep your lighting expenses down and to provide the atmosphere you desire to project a safe, clean and professional image.

We carry a wide variety of lamps and ballasts on each of our trucks. This is important so that as a client you are not charged while we go get lamps or ballasts we should be carrying on the truck to start with.

Lighting Maintenance

Many consider “light maintenance” to simply mean changing lamps or changing ballasts. Though this will get the fixture working, it falls short of proper maintenance. Fixture maintenance should always include a thorough cleaning of the reflector and lens and a wipe down of the fixture on the whole. These extra steps only take few minutes but make a big difference in not only the look but the performance of the fixture.

Accumulations of dirt or dust on a fixture - particularly the lens and reflector - will increase the heat in the fixture, and excess heat is a major cause of fixture component failure. The reflector and lens work in concert to route light energy out of the fixture and toward its intended target. As dirt and dust collect, some of the light energy will be absorbed – not sent out of the fixture - and this will cause those surfaces to heat. This can raise the temperature of the fixture itself and cause premature failure.

Lighting Maintenance

  • Replacing Bulbs
    Interior and exterior light fixture repair
  • Re-lamping and re-ballasting
  • Fixture cleaning
  • Drive-by property surveys
  • Cost-saving lighting upgrades
  • Pole numbering
  • New lighting installation
  • Major brand lamps and ballasts